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G'day, my name is Albion Harrison-Naish, as you might have guessed by now. I'm a photographer, broadcaster and writer from Sydney, Australia.

Having studied history for many years, I'm interested in the ways that photographs play with time, memory and our sense of place. The instant frozen and framed by a camera creates another world to view. It can be familiar, it can be timeless or suggestive of a piece of fiction. 

I find myself drawn to capturing liminal moments between the reality of the street and the mythic nature of imagination and dreaming. I am captivated by the relationship between light and shadow, forms and people. In my attempts to wangle out these moments, I enjoy the challenge of negotiating the uncontrolled and random nature of the street.



Indeed, I find the ability of photography to interrogate our use of public space, the boundaries between private and public as well as how we all manage to live together, endlessly fascinating.

However, never overlook the pure aesthetic impulse and reaction to an image for motivation either.

A self-taught photographer, I started photographing the world around me in early 2012 and now seem incapable of stopping.

On this site you'll find a selection of my work, from both completed and ongoing series or bodies of work as well as some of my thoughts on photography and whatever happens to take my fancy. Please feel free to drop me a line about whatever tickles your fancy.


Contact me via the below form for fine art archival quality prints, commissions as well as pretty much anything else.


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